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The Australian operations of the WD-40 Company, makers of the famed lubricant spray, wanted to reduce the amount of paper used in its Australian business. As a manufacturer and distributor in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, WD-40 Company typically processes around 100 invoices per week. These have traditionally been paper-based, with physical signatures required for each invoice to be approved.

The outsourcing sector needs to sharpen its act or face losing significant business, according to business leaders interviewed in the inaugural APAC and ANZ BPO Market Report by management consulting firm Enlighten.

Secure messaging services like WhatsApp often feature in the news in the context of their potential use by terrorists. But paradoxically they are now used increasingly by Commonwealth government ministers and other senior officials.

It’s no secret that organisations are shifting away from paper-based records and by all accounts the amount of electronic documentation being created and retained is growing. Where once documents were printed only to be boxed in an archiving carton and shipped off to storage, now you have documents being saved into any spare MB of space a user can find where they can quickly find their document again. 

Content Federations is one of the cornerstones of a Content Services Platform (CSP). Content federations have been growing for the last two years. Federations go back to 2000, but the concept is still new to some. I’ve seen some recent confusion about the difference between Content Federations and Federated Search. I thought I might provide some clarification.

More than three years into its multi-million dollar quest to revolutionise digital record-keeping practices across Federal government, Australia’s Department of Finance has announced another shift in direction and a “review” of the current moratorium on new investment in records management solutions.

Transform. Transform. Transform. The steady cadence of the message to focus on digital transformation is important, but the reality is that it runs the risk of creating transformation fatigue.

Anthony Macciola, Chief Innovation Officer at ABBYY, recently visited Australia and sat down with IDM to discuss the transformation of the enterprise capture market.

Non-profit organization ODPi has announced Egeria, a new project that supports the free flow of metadata between different technologies and vendor offerings. It promises to allow organizations to locate, manage and use their data more effectively.